Wowee!, 2017.

Alan Watts narrates an immersive journey from sea to sports stadium on the celebratory nature of reality and joy of the human spirit.  

Format(s): 360 Film
Device(s): Samsung Gear VR

From Whence We Came, 2017.

This  interactive mobile experience highlights the need for science, conservation, and accountable ocean actions using collective and asynchronous SMS text messages.  Users pledge action and immersively experience positive ocean health changes. 

Format(s): Interactive VR
Device(s): Samsung Gear VR

Stupid Cupid, 2016.

Users grab valentine grams sent from others via SMS text messages.  Sentiment analysis algorithms run on the message content, which procedurally change the landscape.  Users can trash mean grams in the bonfire or let them go.  It’s stupid, Stupid Cupid.

Format(s): Interactive VR
Device(s): HTC Vive

The Crystal Reef, 2016.
By collecting species and exploring a digital replica of the reefs of Ischia, Italy, users learn how they are a "crystal ball" showing the future of the world’s oceans impacted by climate change.  Tribeca World Premiere, published by Time’s LIFE VR platform.  

Format(s): 360 Film and Interactive VR
Device(s): Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive

GraviTeam, 2015.

A multi-user team building experience, users control separate devices to collectively navigate a space-drone around a damaged International Space Station.  The team is tasked with repairing the station before time expires and the astronauts aboard run out of oxygen.

Format(s): Interactive VR
Device(s): Oculus DK2, Kinect 2, Leap Motion and Android Mobile